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Whoa [Jun. 27th, 2005|10:02 am]
[im feelin... |tiredtired]
[Listenin to... |Primus]

I don't think I've written in this thing since like September or something way ridiculous of that sort, thought it might be time for an update (...that and I'm very very bored right now!)

I'm obviously not gonna list all of the things that I've done since then because thats just silly, so I'll just talk as if you all know what I've been up to and reflect on the past few days etc

I'm sitting in Stuart's at the moment, I've just woken up and thought 'hey, I'll do some revision'... but that didn't really go as planned! Probably just go home or something because I'm all on my lonesome, everyone's in work and Jess starts work in about 2 hours so I can't even go to hers :(

Realisation that I really need a job! But, all in good time, I still have 2 exams left so I'll sort that out after they're finished!

Going out on Wednesday to celebrate that they are finally over, whoop! (Even if I do have one on Thursday morning!) But so what, failed everything anyway!

Went to see Mr and Mrs Smith last night with Stuart ^_^
Oh my, what a film! I trully recommened that you all see it... Angelina Jolie... ^_^
...I guess that Brad Pitt is quite hot as well actually!

Went out with Jess and Andrew afterwards and got drunk but then we had to leave Hannah's because Mark was working (he work's on the door there) and we didn't really want to speak to that freak!

Plus, those three were being all lame because they all had to be in work this morning... bloody employed citizens, makes me sick!

Me and Stuart's 8 months on Wednesday, that has flew so fast ^_^
I'm so gay.


Er... what else, oh yeah, saw the imfamous Adam and Phil Parr bass guitar before my Media exam on Thursday which was handy because Adam could boff up my knowledge of Media before the exam. No suprises that they were going out to get drunk so after my exam I joined them for a drink to catch up because I haven't seen them in like a million years (well, maybe not that long!) It was actually ok, it's nice speaking to people you haven't seen for ages even if they are... well... not the greatest of chaps!

This entry has been way too long now, so it ends here!
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WHOA MAN [Mar. 21st, 2005|11:25 am]
[im feelin... |happy :)]
[Listenin to... |RATM]

whoa man! havnt written on this thing in aaaaaaaaaaaaaages, pyar!!!!
well, im not gonna update from the last time i wrote cos that was like november or somethin random of that sort!
decided to write cos im ever so bored!
so er... yeah!! dunno what to write now! well, lets see.... Im still goin out with Stu :D 5 months in a week! whoa... weird! and all that is superbly fine :) in his at the mo actually, he's gone to work though so its jus me sittin here on my bill cos everyone is in work... well jess is upstairs but she's still asleep, i think i may just wake her up in a mo... hehe mo!
anyways. i was reading kate's thing... er lets hope she's reading this... shall have to grab her attention in some way.... er...


... there, that should have done it :) glad that everythin's goin all good with you and your b/f etc and stuff... er... dont really know what to say..er... havnt spoken to you in a awhile (well.. more than a while i guess)
anyways jus wanted to say hello and stuff yanno, how you doin etc! so there! lol!

right yeah, so lets see... update....
well life is good! thats all there is really! still not got a job and college is still sucking, i failed my sociology exam whoo!! not that i was expectin to pass with my letter to the examiner! but it was fun! ive gotta resit that now tho :( but i gotta A on the resit i had to do last time.. and i got an A for my english coursework!! i did it myself an everythin! oh yes! proud!!

learnin bass again (alex leant me his old bass) and i shall be replacing mark soo n enough! oh yeah, he's still actin like a tit, but everyone knows that now since he blatently came on to me and jess at jess' birthday!
and then blamed us for breaking up the band (even though its not even breaking up)
anyway, enough bout that tit! he always just pisses me off when im in a good mood!
anyways, jess has jus woke up so i must leave!
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groan [Nov. 8th, 2004|12:39 pm]
[im feelin... |hornyhorny]
[Listenin to... |RATM - know your enemy]

well i'm in college, my aim is to do an WHOLE coursework by tomoro morning! doin pretty well! if i get this done i deserve an award because this will have been the 2nd coursework ive done in one day this week and thats pretty darn super!
its monday, which is shit, ive got sum sorta exam in sociology which ive obviouslt not revised for so i have absolutly no fuckin clue what the hell im meant to be doing!
so im gonna fail!
well part from that gayness ive had a good weekend!
stayed in stuarts on friday, he was very ill all day so i was there to make him fell better hehe
on saturday me an jess wer ment to be goin to nicks 18th but NOW WAY wer we goin to that especially with the frog lurking around (kirsty) so we just stayed in jess' and got drunk instead which i can imagine wudda bin a whole lot more fun than goin to nick's!
yesterday was crap i guess, didnt do much, jus stayed in an watched films (boooring!)
well thats it, the whole of today is gonna be spent doin my coursework for tomoro..oh the joy!
wish me luck people
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OH MY GOD! its fate :) [Nov. 5th, 2004|01:05 pm]
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m to the izzo [Nov. 3rd, 2004|06:21 pm]
[im feelin... |enthralled]
[Listenin to... |stone sour]

wow im bored!
so today has bin pretty achieving, as in i achieved a WHOLE piece of coursework in one day!!!! i think i deserve an applause from u people!
thats been it really! didnt do anythin else part from sit in english an have the joy of reading othello which is jus so obviously the best story ever (sarcasm noted)
yesterday was prbably jus as shit but i cant really remember what happened which means that its not worth remembering!
hope all u other folks arent as bored as me at the mo...hehe mo!
so yeah...im gonna go, cos it seems like a good idea!
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GUTTED!!!!!!!! [Nov. 1st, 2004|12:01 pm]
[im feelin... |argh]
[Listenin to... |taproot]

how come i was not told that the clocks went back? so gutted! came into college an hour early for nothin! an i never went to sleep til like 4 las nite so im ever so tired!
well apart from that which has jus brought me right down ive had the best fuckin week ever (half term an all)
it was pretty darn great considerin i didnt do all that much
stayed in the barker household like all week so that was fun
saturday was MADNESS! it was really good part from one thing that happened which was jus....dunno, confusing?
went out with jess andy an stu for the all nighter, we wer all dressed up, well part from stu but he was my magic lamp (i was a genie) went to hannahs an saw big dave...and the rest of them (not gonna mention all of them cos its jus efforts to remember) they wer all dressed up it was great!
then mark an other dave came an then we went off to the K which was crazy, for all those who went u obviously saw how packed it was in there and how cool somw of the costumes wer! (joey from slipknot rocked so much, i wanted to rob the mask)
dunno wat time we left cos i was so wankered, but jess an andy went to jess' an i went to the barkers'.

yesterday i went home bout 5 an jus played the sims all day (i got the sims whooo!!) which was ok i guess for a sunday!

today im jus pissed off cos im in an hour early! how am i ment to kno that the clocks went back? i dont watch tv or listen to the radio or anythin...THINK ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!!
they shud put posters on billboards an stuff to let me kno, or send me an email or sumthin!
anyway thats pretty much it for my thoughts!
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oragami [Oct. 28th, 2004|05:31 pm]
[im feelin... |optimisticoptimistic]
[Listenin to... |placebo]

for those who think my subject name is a bit weird....fuck you! oragami is such a cool sounding word!
anyway, i aint wrote in this for quite a bit, so lets update!
i really can never remember whats bin happnin....lets see (this isnt gonna be in chronological order or anythin cos i'm kinda piecing this together)
on.....what day was it.....lets see today is thursday....so on..tuesday i went the barfly to see the good old folks of hollowpoint play which was fun, me an jess wer playin on the football table all night cos it kept givin us our money back which was cool but my arms bin hurtin since that cos of the amount of time we wer playin that for! but yeah then i went home an got stoned with my trusty bro!
las nite i was gonna go see them again cos they wer playin in the albert dock but me an jess decided that we wudnt be able to find the place an jus never went! yesterday day i went to town with my sister (why? i do not kno!) which consisted of treckin round tryin to find stuff!
on tuesday i went to town with my mum an she bought me all this stuff for my birthday, considerin its not even nearly my birthday yet but whatever, im not gonna complain! today i went to town to meet stuart cos he needs an indiana jones hat (for halloween) but we couldnt get one so now he's goin as my magic lamp (im a genie) after i left him to go back to work i saw jess an andy in quiggins, they wer buyin the rest of their costumes for halloween (jess is a witch an andy's goin as santa!! weird yes, but he sed it'l be the only original costume)
anyway i was with them for a bit an then i went home, jess in online at the moment actually which is definitly weird cos really now, she's never online!
im goin to Stu's later an then i think im stayin in jess'.
thats all ive bin doin really!
think mark's gettin the drift cos after their gig on tuesday he never pestered me to stay out with him, he asked me an when i sed no that was it, no pestering (which he usually does do!)
so its all good!
anyway gonna goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
hope eveyone's havin a groovelicious half term...nearly over tho boooo!

oh an kate, heard u gotta puppy! go u (im actually not sure if i dreamt that tho, so if u havnt got one, im not goin mad or anythin!)
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do i really need a subject? [Oct. 23rd, 2004|02:37 pm]
[im feelin... |hungover]
[Listenin to... |SOAD]

so hellooooooooooo!
ive had an intrestin few days one might say!
cant really remember whats happened cos ive bin hammered (its how it shud be!)
i do remember last night tho (anytime before yesterday is a complete blur!)
went to college an shit and then met stu in town and then went back to his so that was all good, went home at bout 6 and then went to town (twas Big Daves birthday) an that was jus madness, peeps that wer out wer me, jess, meg, andy (daves andy), big andy, lucy, phil, adam, tony, gary, some millionaire guy that goes to daves college an sum other guy from daves college, it was fun an good seein all them again cos i aint seen them in aaages!!!
we got kcked out the flute which was jus funny but gary was actin like a nonce for half the night so that was a bit gay, was a good night tho over all.
got up today an felt like shit, got stoned and then went home (was in jess')
so now im at home, no1s in, im all alone :(
ment to be goin to some party today but im sooo not goin cos i feel like shit so i think im goin to stu's (im callin it stu's now cos if i go today andy's not gonna be there anyway cos he's goin to this party...so it's stu's!)

oh yeah i went to Dave's on wednesday,(its all comin back to me now!) Andy's Dave, not Big Dave (there's too many Daves) with jess, stu, andy, mark, balmer an sum other reallly funny guy that ive met once before but cant remember his name :S
that was...certainly intresting!!! but wont go on bout that too much!

yeah thats bout it really
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news update [Oct. 19th, 2004|08:14 pm]
Hey sorry second time ive wrote in this today but its pretty important (well it might be considered important to some!)

Jus as an update, for all those who give a damn, i jus got an email of Mark after seeing him earlier:-

" Hey dont apologise!! I was just a bit confused bout it all to be honest!!!
But i aint even seen much of her at all either i think ive been as the same place as her like 4 times tho!! She`s far too anoying to spend time with!!

Anyways lets 4get about it...all is gud!! "

so there u have it! that boy jus cant stay mad at me!

oh and he's talkin bout Lou in the email (for those dim ones that hadnt grasped that yet!)

but he was online jus then an never spoke to me (i sed hey to him, an i never got a reply)

but OH OH OH.... ive jus right this second got a message off him.........

" hey soz bout that! I wasnt ignorin u honest! I aint spoke to u in ages which sucks! Anyways sorry! xx "

urgh this is not gonna lead to good things i can see it now!
so now im gutted all over again! it wudda bin ok if he wernt speakin to me, but now he is, an even tho im glad that i dont need to arse myself with avoidin him now (cos he's speakin to me again) im still not a happy bunny! i wish he'd jus go away!! an now that he's considerin stu a friend again, he's pure bummin up
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ow my eye [Oct. 19th, 2004|06:34 pm]
[im feelin... |very hyped!]
[Listenin to... |music of dead or alive!]

jus talkin to ben at the mo (car guy) aww he's bein all deppressive!
anyway, today, what a day!
got up went to college (yanno the usual)
in mid lesson stu txt me sayin that i WILL go to the studio with jess, so i did heh!
it was really good, their music sounds sooooooo good all recorded an stuff, its boss. we wer jus messin round with the stuff for a bit, playin it backwards an stuff, twas funny!
then mark came (he wernt there at first cos he was in work) but that was ok, he is speakin to me so its ok and apparantly he actually thinks that stu is a cool guy again (?!) so they r gettin on for a change! but marks really pissed at car guy cos he's goin on tour with breed 77 so he's pissed (this is why ben's bein depressive)
but yeah anyway, i gave stu his present :) which he loved (i was surprised) so its all good in the hood!
now im jus at home, im soooooo hungry but my mums downstairs with a friend (at least we think he's a friend!!!) so she's not makin me any food... slag!
but yeah thats it for now! im off to play dead or alive 3 (what a game) im practisin so that one day i mite possibly beat my bro at it (yeah cos that'l happen mo!)
ps: ooh im bein a genie for halloween! is every1 goin the K allnighter?
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